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WORLD OCEANS DAY 2018 – Sea Bed Clean-up at Valletta next to the Water Polo Pitch – June 7th.

World Oceans Day has been earmarked to be dedicated to the celebration of the world’s oceans. On this day – an extraordinary effort is being made by thousands of environmental organisations hailing from all over the globe. The main target of which is to raise awareness that our oceans mighty and infinite as they may seem, are in fact a series of fragile environments which are now feeling the brunt of mankind’s relentless activities.

 Unfortunately, our shores here in Malta are very much littered with dumped rubbish.  Many of it made up of single-use plastic items, like cups, plates, spoons, straws, etc.  Plastic does not decompose.  Actually that on the surface does, but it becomes more dangerous as it is broken down by the sun’s rays and becomes micro plastic which can be easily swallowed by sea creatures, which then pass it on back to us humans!

As part of the World Oceans Day activities, Atlam Subaqua Club in conjunction with Raniero Live Life and the Emergency Response Rescue Corps in collaboration with the Valletta Local Council and the Cleaning and Maintenance Division are organising two clean-ups, the first of which is planned to take place on Thursday 7th June (public holiday) starting at 0900 at Valletta next to the water polo pitch.  The event is not just open to qualified divers and snorkelers, but to anyone who feels that he should participate. Shore helpers have a key role in this clean-up. Have a look at this: https://www.facebook.com/RanierosAdventures/videos/2168477516774348/UzpfSTE0MzQ3MjE0NDg6MTAyMTY2MDIxOTQzNTQwMzM/  Your help is urgently needed!

The second Atlam Subaqua Club World Oceans Day event will be held on Saturday 9th June at Cirkewwa’s South Quay where the removal of a number of highly toxic car batteries, mooring fenders and other car parts is planned.

Last but not least, without the willing help and goodwill of the following sponsors these events would not have been possible, namely: Strand Divers, Bezz Diving Malta, Scubatech, Maltaqua, Diveshack and P Cutajar & Co.

The celebration will come to a close on the 22nd June at the Atlam Subaqua Club - Bahar ic-Caghaq, where the clean-up operations will be reviewed.  In addition, Prof. Alan Deidun will be giving a talk about alien species  in the Mediterranean.

Do not miss it!


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