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Annual Marine Science Forum 2018

How blue are our oceans: What have we done and what can we do?
Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th June, 2018

Promising to be an exciting & interesting forum unlike any other…

We will be re-exploring the themes of human induced problems in our oceans, a subject matter gaining much momentum with great tv such as War on Waste and Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II. We will find out if our oceans are getting better or worse, what impacts humans are having, catch up on new research and all in a fun and informative atmosphere. Find out what you can do to save the very thing that gives the whole planet life – our ocean. 

With another excellent line up of special guests presenters from all over Australia, including locals representing Bega Valley Shire Council and Balloons Release Australia; a special film screening; Trivia night; a Q&A panel of experts in their respective fields, and concluding with a stunning slide show of marine images by local photographer Peter Hannan.
Action packed, information filled & family friendly while still keeping within our missions of providing marine science education to everyone.


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Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre
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Museum or Informal Science Center
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Club Sapphire
119 Main Street, Bega Valley Shire Council
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