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Arts and Film festival -Malpelo Island Marine Sanctuary

The Malpelo Island is a National Marine Sanctuary of the Pacific ocean of Colombia (South America). Join us in the Buenaventura city to learn more about this important place for our marine biodiviversity and endemic species!!! Don not miss out the outreach activities for the Malpelo Island and the Tropical Eastern Marine Corridor. Some arts and the Film Festival. Open to all public!


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- Youth Focused


Organization Name
National Parks Service of Colombia
Organization Type
Member of Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP)
Participant in AZA's SAFE Campaign


As part of our celebration, we plan to do the following:
  • Event is open to the public
  • Media would be welcome
  • Event will include some special activities or engagements for youth and/or young adults
    Under 12,Ages 12-18,College/University Age
    Arts (murals painting) and Films festiva at the Bank of the Republic Auditorium
  • Event will be highlighting organization's own efforts to reduce use of plastic


Buenaventura city
472-4770 Calle 6, Buenaventura
Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca 764502 Colombia