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Act Now- Galapagos with no Plastics


The Galapagos Islands like other parts of the world are being affected by plastic garbage. Endemic species that like only around the Galapagos Marine Reserve are now swimming with plastic garbage, our beaches are being contaminated, microplastics are also an issue. The whole community is making changes to stop the use of single use plastics and the local government has also passed local laws to stop bringing in single use plastics. There are beach cleanups taking place, awareness campaigns and laws being enforced.

Act Now- Galapagos with no Plastics will be a Festival for the community in which we will show practical solutions to community members on how they can make a difference. 


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Organization Name
Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Islands
Organization Type
Conservation Organization
Member of Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP)
Participant in AZA's SAFE Campaign


Puerto Ayora
Parque San Francisco
Puerto Ayora, Islas Galápagos Ecuador