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I live by the Sea


We invite everyone to an exhibition of winning photos of participants from across the world, who took part in an international contest entitled I Live by the Sea.

We all live by the sea. No matter how far from the sea you live, next to the beach or far away in the mountains, you still have a great impact on it. And it is up to you whether you create a positive relationship with the sea or have adverse impact on it.

We believe that educating people about the importance and the beauty of marine environments is the key to creating positive attitudes towards the sea.

Just like in the previous editions, our goal is to spread and share knowledge about marine environments and marine protection issues, as well as the exchange of information among users of different seas and marine oriented regions.

Through their participation we hope to involve youth of different natural and cultural heritage to share their views on marine issues in a creative way.


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Praca Europa
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