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TEDxVicenza 2019 - Transitions


What we are currently living is a time of change. Some changes very obvious, some others are more latent. The traditional equilibrium is changing with a speed that threatens to overwhelm our lives. New forces have come into play. It is a constant movement that grows and develops by creating a network of possible roads on different levels. In this scenario there are many uncertainties, but there are also multiple opportunities. It all depends on how and how much we will be equipped with the flexibility required to face the transitions in progress.

TEDxVicenza 2019 will draw a course to help us deal with changes and barriers in a conscious way. We will start from the people, uncovering the transitions they experienced and that shaped them as the individual. We will continue to spread ideas. But on more courageous, bolder topics. The need is to talk about the big changes towards which we are heading. The era of transitions is coming and it is not waiting on us to adapt to it.

The speakers and performers will express their visions and their ideas in a multi-directional comparison. The partners will bring the point of view of the companies. All together we will become part of this network. Because transitions need to start, first and foremost, from inside ourselves.

Our challenge is launched. Welcome to TRANSITIONS.



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