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In occasione della Giornata nazionale del Mare e della Cultura Marinara, il team diCosta Crociere Foundation ha lanciato la call-to-action #GuardianiDellaCostaPerUnGiorno e insieme a un gruppo di volontari di Costa Crociere ha pulito la spiaggia libera diGenova-Sturla.

Questa iniziativa, volta a sensibilizzare la comunità verso la salvaguardia del litorale italiano, rientra nell’ambito del programma “Guardiani della Costa”, un progetto di citizen science per la tutela delle coste italiane che Costa Crociere Foundation ha lanciato nel 2017, rivolto a studenti e insegnanti delle scuole superiori italiane. Il programma ha lo scopo di sensibilizzare — attraverso l’adozione di tratti di costa — gli studenti, i giovani e i cittadini alla fragile bellezza delle nostre coste, aumentando la consapevolezza sui problemi derivanti dall’aumento dei rifiuti, in particolare plastici, lungo il litorale, sulle spiagge e in mare.

Nell’attività di pulizia della spiaggia di Genova-Sturla è stato coinvolto anche il team Commerciale e marketing di Costa Crociere, che ha invitato gli agenti di viaggio di tutta Italia ad aderire a questa iniziativa, diventando a loro volta #GuardianiDellaCostaPerUnGiorno, con i propri collaboratori, clienti e famigliari, adottando e pulendo una spiaggia del proprio territorio.

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We will be recovering ocean plastic from Vilankulo and the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park and showing Our Planet. Our program involves youth, fishermen, public official, tourism and commercial businesses, transport collecitves and more.

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"Golden Apples of the Sun - Surf Movie Soundtracks Edition"
www.rtrfm.com.au or RTRFM 92.1 on the FM Radio Dial in Perth, Western Australia
"Golden Apples of the Sun - Surf Movie Soundtracks Edition"

"Golden Apples of the Sun" is a 2 hour Sunday afternoon radio program on Perth independent community radio station RTRFM 92.1.

On Sunday 9 June 2019, the program will explore the theme of "surf movie soundtrack music", focussing on the 1970s, the dawn of contemporary surf music soundtracks, and thus explore the unique role oceans play in the pursuit of 'free surfing', both now & then.

The program will play tracks from surf movie soundtracks including "Morning of the Earth", "Sea of Joy", "The Hot Generation", "Ride A White Horse" and Tim Winton's "Breath", amongst others, and include audio snippets of the special enjoyment of oceans thru surfing. It will be a sonic journey through swells, curls, reefs, breaks and sandbanks and the beauty and power of the ocean in the form of its surf.

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"I Need Your Help" - Cunang Beach Clean Up 2019

In honor of World Oceans Day on the June 8th, it is important to gather people around the world to be a Volunteer to remove trash and debris from beaches.

I am here to call on townspeople in your area including friends, strangers, and local schools to help beautify the area and teach  positive habits when it comes to maintaining a cleaner ocean.

By Me ALONE, I can do so little, together we can do so much.



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"Together we can protect and restore our ocean"

9 -10 am.  Colony Beach, Ocean Avenue Kennebunkport.  Unless you have your own, gloves, water, and bags will be provided.  Bring your phone and we'll show you how to use EZ phone apps to report your trashy findings! FMI: info@SoMePlaneteers.org or on FB


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“Words on Water”

Words on Water is a writing contest for World Oceans Day in the categories of poet, prose and plays. The theme is “water” as all water is eventually part of the oceans. On the evening of World Oceans Day, at the Harwich Community Center on Cape Cod, the Blue Institute will host an evening of readings & performances of the contest winners. Join us!

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100-Day Beach Cleanup Drive
Beach Road, Visakhapatnam, India
100-Day Beach Cleanup Drive

India Youth For Society planned for 100 days from April 12, 2019 from Jodugullapalem to GITAM College, Beach Road, Visakhapatnam. On the first day, Shri M Harinarayan, Municipal Commissioner, has joined along with his staff. He worked for two hours and appreciated the team. Till date, we collected 9 tons of bottles and 800 kgs of plastics from this campaign. We recycle these plastics at our unit and probably, there would be 20 tons glass bottles and 4 tons of plastic in next month. Everyday it begins at 6 am and closes at 8 am. Sundays, we work till 10 a.m.

Observations: It is estimated that around 200 people visit this in the morning and 1100 visitors in the evening. There are no lights and no dust bins. There are six regular food vendors int he evening and one breakfast vendor in the morning. On an average 3 birthday-parties take place every day - two of them is cake party and one of them is beer party. On and average, one wedding shoot is taking place and 4 bikers take photos as it is a beautiful view point.

We spent 33600 till date for snacks, logistics, labours when it is required. We raised 11007/- rupees till date as contributions.

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2019 World Oceans Day Fundraiser
Easton's Beach Rotunda
2019 World Oceans Day Fundraiser

Clean Ocean Access (COA) is excited to host the 3rd Annual World Oceans Day fundraiser! World Oceans Day is an annual observation to honor, protect, and conserve the world's oceans. The celebration provides an opportunity to take personal and community action to conserve the ocean and its resources.

COA's 3rd annual World Ocean Day fundraiser celebrates efforts to promote environmental stewardship in Rhode Island and fosters local initatives that support a larger global movement to protect the health of our oceans.

The celebration will take place on Thursday, June 6th at Easton’s Beach Rotunda from 6:00 to 9:00PM. The event will include live music, catered dinner and drinks, as well as a silent auction and the presentation of the third “CLEAN OCEAN ACCESS MISSION2.OCEAN AWARD” to an outstanding COA volunteer.

Prior to the event, there will be a cleanup at Easton’s (First) Beach from 4:00 to 5:00PM. The cleanup and fundraiser are both in celebration of the international World Oceans Day event, and help bring awareness to COA’s goals of eliminating marine debris, improving coastal water quality and protecting and preserving shoreline access.

THANK YOU to our 2019 food sponsors Whole Foods Market and Flat Waves Food Shack.

If you are interested in sponsoring our event please email us at info@cleanoceanaccess.org.

If you are interested in volunteering at our World Oceans Day event please visit our volunteer opportunities page.

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2nd Annual World Ocean Day Cleanup

“Together we can protect and restore our ocean.”

UN-Designated Theme: Gender & Oceans

Conservation Focus: Demonstrate leadership in preventing plastic pollution and share solutions that inspire and activate the global community.

Join on us on the shores of the Purdy Spirit once again to celebrate our 2nd Annual World Ocean Day Beach Cleanup. Last year’s cleanup was such a ripple that it has inspired numerous efforts involving continuous cleanup relief and a platform to educate the community about ocean pollution.

SIGN-IN: There will be a black RA (10X10) tent located by the solo "Dr. Suess Madronia". This a MUST to sign yourself/party in. We have to account for all humans involved in our efforts for safety and liability reasons. Thanks for playing safe and keeping it real so we can continue fun, earthly gatherings like these. 


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4ocean's NYC World Oceans Day Celebration
Rockaway Beach Park, New York
4ocean's NYC World Oceans Day Celebration

Join the 4ocean Outreach Team as we celebrate World Oceans Day on Sunday, June 9th from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM at Rockaway Beach Park! This family-friendly event will take place the plaza at the intersection of Beach 94th Street and Shore Front Parkway just minutes from the Beach 98th Street - Playland and Beach 90th Street Holland Stations.

We’ll start the morning off with an encouraging message from the 4ocean founders, Alex and Andrew, before going out to clean along Rockaway Beach. Before or after the beach cleanup, you’ll have the chance to walk through the 4ocean Village and learn from local environmental organizations as well as the UN Friends of World Oceans Day. This event will also be your chance to shop in New York’s very first 4ocean Pop-Up Shop with exclusive apparel!

Help us keep 4ocean events plastic-free: bring your reusable water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and we’ll have water stations available for refills. Gloves and hemp bags will be provided for everyone to use during the cleanup. Students in need of community service hours can receive a letter to document up to 2 hours of work, after the event.

——> Please RSVP here: www.4ocean.com/Rockaway.

We'll see you all there, ready to join the movement in New York!

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4th Annual EECCOA Challenge & Awards Event

VENTURA, CA – On Thursday May 31, close to fifty 7th-12th-grade students from eight public schools in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties will be presenting their authored environmental business proposals to a judging panel. Students’ proposals focus on water conservation, energy efficiency, or waste reduction of their school campuses, or educate a community about ocean acidification. The event will take place at the Museum of Ventura County in downtown Ventura from 4 -7 pm. Keynote speaker will tentatively be Ventura County Supervisor Mr. Steve Bennett.


In the first hour and a half, the 50 finalist teams will present to a panel of judges who will rank the project proposals based on merit and cost effectiveness. Then at 5:45pm, the MERITO Foundation in partnership withNOAA Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary will award cash or in kind prizes to the young authors of top environmental business proposals. The EECCOA Awards Event is the culmination of the 9 month-longEECCOA Program.


The Multicultural Education for Resource Issues Threatening Oceans (MERITO) Foundation is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization based in Ventura, CA, dedicated to protecting the ocean by facilitating education, conservation and scientific research opportunities to multicultural youth and their communities.  The EECCOA Challenge empowers students to be environmental entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools to understand climate change, ocean acidification, drought and wildfires and address these issues with money saving project proposals for their school campuses. Students are also given the option to develop awareness campaigns that inform and involve their communities.

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6th Annual World Oceans Day Event 2019
Biology Dept. of St. Francis Xavier University, J. Bruce Brown Building
6th Annual World Oceans Day Event 2019

Explore the St.FX Biology Dept.'s touch-tanks and learn about ocean preservation. A hands-on fun event for the whole family.

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A Changing Ocean / Um Oceano em Mudança

The European Commission, the European Parliament, the Lisbon City Council, EurOcean, Ciência Viva, the Administration of the Port of Lisbon, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) organised an outdoor art exhibition in order to campaign for "An Ocean Free of Plastics".

This initiative includes:

  • an octopus-shaped sculpture made by an artist with plastics collected in beaches,
  • a two-day workshop for children to use marine litter collected in beaches to create pieces of art, and
  • a photo exhibition of the best works submitted by children and teenagers from all over the world to the 2019 I Live By The Sea contest, organised by the Polish company Today We Have.

In order to raise public awareness to marine plastics, this action was strategically designed to take place start before the celebrations of the 2019 European Maritime Day (Lisbon, 16-17 May) and to finish at the 2019 World Oceans Day. The location is Praça Europa, a next to the highly visited Lisbon's riverfronf area known as Ribeira das Naus. The initiative will be premiered on 2nd May 2019.

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Sagar Nagar, Opposite Zoo Park Gate, Visakhapatnam 530045, India

April 12 – April 21, 2019: A Beach Road cleanup drive has been planned for collection of plastic waste from Forest Building – GITAM College, Visakhapatnam, India . It is estimated an amount of 1.8 tons plastic waste and glass bottles would be 4 tons. We invite students and youths to volunteer with us.

Interested people are welcome to join us. Students / youths are requested to participate in the programme and share it with your friends. 

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Act Now- Galapagos with no Plastics

The Galapagos Islands like other parts of the world are being affected by plastic garbage. Endemic species that like only around the Galapagos Marine Reserve are now swimming with plastic garbage, our beaches are being contaminated, microplastics are also an issue. The whole community is making changes to stop the use of single use plastics and the local government has also passed local laws to stop bringing in single use plastics. There are beach cleanups taking place, awareness campaigns and laws being enforced.

Act Now- Galapagos with no Plastics will be a Festival for the community in which we will show practical solutions to community members on how they can make a difference. 

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Advocasea Speed Dating
Nipa Brew Taproom and Brewhouse
Africa Blue Economy Forum (ABEF) 2019

Africa Blue Economy Forum (ABEF), 25-26 June 2019, The Residence Tunis hotel, Tunisia

On 25 – 26 June 2019, Blue Jay Communication will host the second edition of the Africa Blue Economy Forum (ABEF). Taking place in Tunis this year, the event will gather 150+ delegates from across the globe, including ocean experts and innovators, African political leaders and policy makers, international entrepreneurs and investors, as well as NGOs and multilaterals.

Once again, the forum will provide a unique platform for ocean stakeholders to share insights on how to achieve SDG 14 and present new investment opportunities, while facilitating public-private partnerships and networking.

As a key driver for global trade and commerce and a major source of food and energy (90% of world trade and 2/3 of energy supplies are carried by sea), the ocean has every reason to become a strong economic force and even more so in Africa where more than 70% of the states are coastal.

ABEF recognises the importance of the Blue Economy in creating jobs, sustaining livelihoods for local communities and offering low-cost impactful climate change adaptation solutions on the continent.

Last year, during the forum’s inauguration, speakers and delegates at ABEF2018 agreed on the need for innovative financing to start developing Africa’s blue economy on a wider scale, involving not only governments but also the private sector. Building on these recommendations, ABEF2019 will have a strong focus on business and investment. Discussions will explore the opportunities and innovations in emerging and frontier sectors of the blue economy and how they can help accelerate Africa’s transformation.
In particular, ABEF panel topics will include: Public-private partnerships; Fishing & Aquaculture; Ports & Trade; Ocean Energy; Governance & Security; Pollution & Waste Management; Women Empowerment; Youth Education & Technology; and Ocean Financing.

To receive further information, please visit our website: www.ABEF2019.com and follow us on Twitter: @bluejaycom #ABEF2019

Why attend?

- Insider access to government leaders and ocean and sustainability experts

- Cutting-edge dialogue assessing today’s pressing issues to achieve SDG 14

- High-level insights from thoughtful leaders and action-oriented discussions

- Case studies sharing practical experiences and solutions from the field

- Presentation of investment opportunities in traditional and emerging ocean industries

- Introductions facilitating partnerships with African and international experts to achieve sustainable best practices

- Expanded networking opportunities

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All Waters lead to the Ocean- Clean up event
Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies
All Waters lead to the Ocean- Clean up event

We would like to invite everyone out to our All Waters lead to the Ocean event where we will get our hands in motion to clean up our rivers.  We will guide the particpants through a clean up event and let them know that by protecting our river we are also helping to protect our oceans.  Litter, pollutants and microplastics can make their way from our mountains to the ocean and every hand that helps is helping our oceans.

Clean up event is Friday June 7th 11am-2pm.  Please meet on our upper plaza so we can coordinate teams and stretches of the river. 

Keep Sevier Beautiful will provide the gloves, trash grabbers and trash bags.

We hope to see you there!

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An Interactive Talk on the Impacts of Marine Debris in the North Western Hawaiian Islands

What can we do!?  An interactive talk about Marine Debris and the impacts on Hawaii's Ecosystem. This talk will focus on debris found in the uninhabited North Western Hawaiian Islands, and its impacts to the wildlife in the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument. The talk will focus on innovative solutions and legislation needed to combat human wastefulness.

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Àros na Mara World Oceans Day Festival

Àros na Mara 5th World Oceans Day Festival – June 6-9th, 2019 –  Iona,  Barra Strait, Cape Breton, NS  CA-  The Port of Iona and the Barra Strait, overlooking the beautiful Bras d’Or Lake, comes alive with festivities acknowledging World Oceans Day. World Ocean Day will be celebrated on Sunday, June 9th.  Àros na Mara (Gaelic for House of the Sea) is a Marine Science Centre being built at the Barra Strait, for the purposes of research, education and tourism. Àros na Mara World Oceans Day has been selected as one of Destination Cape Breton ‘19 in 19 Events’ for 2019.  Join our family fun and ocean-themed festival and enjoy scientific and interactive displays, beach clean-up, hike,  children’s games, and historical demonstrations.   Further updates and schedule to follow visit - www.arosnamara.ca

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