Photo Credit: Mote Marine Laboratory

Activity Stations

Have a space for ocean-themed activities. Incorporate art by choosing any medium, from paint and chalk to discarded plastic to create ocean art. Set up a station where people of all ages can learn more about ocean science. Take a look at these easy ocean science experiments!

Sample Event: World Oceans Day at Nikki Annelli at Seacoast Science Center

World Oceans Day seafood demonstration,
photo credit: Monterey Bay Aquarium


Sponsor a sustainable seafood event by inviting local chefs to give demonstrations and food tastings. Check out Chefs Collaborative for a list of “sustainable seafood chefs” in your area and verify their choices. Have a touch tank with ocean creatures or, if you’re close to the ocean, host guided tours or sustainable fishing demonstrations.

Sample Event: Ocean Week at Exploris Aquarium

Photo Credit: National Center For Maritime
Policy Research, Pakistan


Invite local musicians to play, host a dance (to ocean-themed music) or put on a short theater dramatization with an ocean conservation message. 

Sample Event: Positive Change for Marine Life presents: A Plastic Ocean Screening, Bands and Special Guests

Photo Credit: Operacion Delfin Yucatan


A fun and engaging way to get people exciting about the ocean is through games. From an ocean awareness wheel of fortune to a huge game of sharks and minnows, whatever you choose should get people thinking about or playing in the water! Take a look at some ideas here

Photo Credit: Georgia Aquarium

Information Booths

Invite local conservation organizations to run an information booth or organize your own volunteer booth with awareness and action materials. Provide information about ways participants can get involved in conservation in your area and how they can take individual action for the ocean. Hand out sustainable seafood guides and cards from Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch or Environmental Defense Fund’s Seafood Selector.

Sample Event: Sechelt Oceans Day 

Prizes & Raffles

Hand out ocean-themed prizes such as free kayaking, diving or nature tours; tickets to your local aquarium, museum, or zoo; ocean conservation t-shirts, hats, or other apparel; a sustainable seafood dinner; or membership to an ocean conservation organization. Alternatively, raffle off ocean prizes like coupons to local sustainable seafood restaurants; a day at the local aquarium, zoo, or museum; and so on, with proceeds supporting a conservation program.