Selfie for the Sea

Ask guests to take a “Selfie for the Sea” at your World Oceans Day celebration!

Ask people at your event to make a public promise to help protect the ocean, and share it with a “Selfie for the Sea” so the world can see how they are taking action!

This is a flexible activity that can be as simple as providing placards for pledges or can be more involved including follow up data and surveys. Whatever level of complexity you choose, this is a way to get people thinking about ocean conservation action and sharing their ideas on local and global scales.

How it works

Help the ocean. We can all do something to protect our ocean! Educate guests and encourage them to make a promise to change something in their lives to benefit the ocean.

Take a photo. Show the world how event participants are helping the community. Take a Selfie for the Sea, showing their promise, or share a photo of them making a difference for the ocean!

Share it with the world! Post to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and tag #WorldOceansDay and #SelfieForTheSea.

Collecting selfies

Try to make the promises simple to understand, easy to achieve, and relevant to your event focus or geographical area. For example, if you’re focusing on plastic pollution, ask attendees to stop using plastic bags. If your event focuses on marine mammals, encourage attendees to promise to take all fishing gear they use on the water back on land with them

Provide attendees with example promises to give them some ideas. Have a few promises already printed out on signs that they can hold for their selfie. Or, if you have a whiteboard, attendees can write their own promise to hold up!

Give attendees an incentive to take a selfie for the sea:

Sample Promises

Check out some selfies from previous events!

Images and resources

Click here to download the Selfies for the Sea Media Kit

Social Media

Sample Tweets

Sample Facebook Posts

This World Oceans Day, show everyone how you’re giving back to the ocean taking a selfie for the sea! #WorldOceansDay

Take a photo of yourself out helping your local community or make a promise to do something in your everyday life to help the ocean. #WorldOceansDay