Join the Wave For Change!

Plastic pollution is a huge problem for the ocean.

On May 25th 2016, singer Jack Johnson started the Wave for Change, asking people to do something for the ocean on World Oceans Day, reduce their plastic usage, and spread the message that the oceans need our help.

Join us by taking a video, sharing your commitment to the ocean and your challenge for others, and making a wave with your body. Pass it on by sharing your video online with the tags #WaveForChange and #WorldOceansDay. Don’t forget to tag World Oceans Day on Facebook & Instagram, and @CelebrateOceans on Twitter. Let’s get everyone to make a wave for ocean conservation!

Example script:
“For World Oceans Day I’m joining with others around the world in a wave for change to help keep plastic trash out of our ocean and away from ocean animals. My pledge is to stop using disposable plastic bags and bottles (do the wave now) and I challenge you to make your own pledge, post it, and keep this wave going!”

With social media, we can turn small promises into a wave of support for the ocean. Help us make this epic by making a commitment, doing the wave, and sharing it! Let’s help this movement grow and swell!

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