Youth Advisory Council Resources

  • Plog for the Ocean Toolkit

  • Upcycling Guidebook

  • Talking about Ocean Plastic Pollution Guide

  • Coastal and Inland Cleanup Guide

  • Plastic Pollution Lesson Plan

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Plastic Pollution Lesson Plan

Thank you for supporting the ocean by celebrating World Oceans Day! This lesson was designed with youth in mind and we hope that young people will use this resource to teach their peers and community members about plastic pollution, inspire them with solutions, and empower them by doing an activity. It is easy to follow and can be done from anywhere!

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Global Ocean and Aquatic Library

Read books from our partners in the Global Ocean and Aquatic Library featuring the World Oceans Day children's book. This collection was developed as a free online resource for children and families around the world! 

Printing Information

If you would like to share a print version of the official World Oceans Day book with your audience and local community, please contact us. Our partner, Unite for Literacy, can provide the printed books at a low cost starting at a quantity of 500. If your organization orders 2000, or more, books, the books can be printed in multiple languages (including Spanish, French, Russian, and English), and the books can be customized to display your organizations name on the inside cover. 

Please contact our partner Unite for Literacy at:

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Resources from Splash & Bubbles

Download new resources from Splash & Bubbles including activity sheets, social media graphics, a party kit and more!

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Resources from the Octonauts

The team from the Octonauts, a popular kids TV show about the ocean, have provided downloadable activities and media, free for your use. Check out these fantastic resources for more information on how to integrate the Octonauts into your event.

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The Youth Guide to the Ocean

YUNGA Youth Guides are designed to give you even deeper insights into core topics. They allow you to explore each theme more closely, building a detailed understanding of the issues at hand and the ways in which you can get involved. They also contain links to additional resources and information so you can keep learning independently.

The Youth Guide to the Ocean illustrates the many wonders of the ocean, what the ocean does for us and what we are doing to the ocean. At the end of the Guide you’ll find a simple but effective strategy for setting up an action plan to undertake your very own conservation project. What are you waiting for? Get involved!

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